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Monday, May 13, 2013

Waterfront Living has an Almost Magical Appeal

I’ve always said that Toronto is one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the world, and one of Toronto’s best features is a gorgeous waterfront. Condominium shoppers who love the year-round feeling of peace and contentment that comes along with living on Lake Ontario have some lovely buildings to choose from, but will want to act soon. There are few properties left along the shoreline, so the opportunity to own a new condo suite there will soon be a thing of the past.
Waterfront living has an almost magical appeal. Just looking out at a massive expanse of water is relaxing and fascinating in all kinds of weather. Waves lapping onto the shore, sun-drenched vistas of sailboats, breathtaking sunsets over the horizon — the views are incredible. Even in the winter, there are birds skipping along the ice, and at night the city lights reflected in the water are absolutely breathtaking.
Today’s lakeside condominiums are built to make the most of their exceptional location, with massive windows and generous balconies and terraces providing interaction with the outdoors.
And even if your condominium suite faces north, you still have wonderful views peppered with lush greenery. Our Toronto skyline is phenomenal, and you have the lakeside lifestyle at your doorstep. Remember, too, that you don’t have to add blinds or drapes to any of your windows facing the water!
There are investment reasons why a lakeside condo is a smart move as well. Waterfront properties along the shoreline in any city around the world command excellent resale value.
And our Toronto waterfront is a particularly vibrant one, which is perfect for active residents of any age. We have the 22-km Martin Goodman Trail for walking, jogging, bicycling and inline skating with lovely parkland along the way.
There are also marinas, yacht clubs, and an assortment of parks that offer both passive and active recreational opportunities. And speaking of active, sports-lovers appreciate the fact that many new condominiums in downtown Toronto are located within walking distance to Air Canada Centre and Rogers Centre. It’s the best of all possible worlds.
You can purchase with confidence nowadays, too, as construction techniques such as advanced methods for shoring ensure that condominiums situated close to the lake are solid and secure.
And whatever the economy, waterfront condos command a premium. It’s not just downtown Toronto. Over the past few years, Humber Bay Shores in Etobicoke has been undergoing redevelopment. The gorgeous Humber Bay Park is one of the additions, along with enhanced wetlands, scenic trails and more.
Soon, Graywood Developments Ltd. and Beaverhall Homes will introduce a brand new condominium, Ocean Club, to this hot lakeside locale. This fantastic condo will feature a trendy bistro at the base of the building, which is something new in these surroundings.
What’s fascinating is that lakeside condos appeal to a cross-section of buyers of all ages. Most everyone today needs a respite from hectic work lives, and living on the water is perfect.
Coming home to such a calming setting adds to quality of life — and without having to drive for hours to get to a cottage. When you add in the fabulous array of amenities included in most of today’s new condominiums, it really is resort living all year long.
Add to that the easy access to world-class entertainment venues, shopping, cultural institutions and other spectacular amenities, and the combination is irresistible. And when you look at Canada as a whole, Toronto is one of the few cities with waterfront that has residential development at all.
Lake Ontario is beckoning with tempting views, water sports and a shoreline that is alive with activity and excitement. Right here at home, you can own a piece of paradise on a waterfront that holds its own on the world stage — if you act before the opportunities come to an end.
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