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Monday, May 13, 2013

Buying or Selling a Condo

Customer service is important in every industry, but it’s especially important when buying a new home. Listening to purchasers concerns, finding ways to resolve issues and a commitment to take care of their product from the sale to the move-in date and beyond, should be the goals of a good homebuilder. A number of builders utilize third party companies as a resource to gauge their performance, improve their product and processes, and provide direction to their customer service team. Survey companies work with homebuilders to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement throughout the different stages of building.
Homeowners are typically surveyed twice yearly, at the 30-day mark after they move in and again around the one-year anniversary. Use of surveys, along with computerized tracking systems, will help ensure builders provide exceptional service throughout relationship with their purchasers. The surveys are used as a benchmark to meet and exceed customer’s expectations, but can only happen if homeowners take the time to complete them.
When visiting a prospective builder, homeowners should inquire about their customer support. Specifically, ask the builder if there is a designated contact person to field questions about the building process for your particular unit or any concerns that may arise from point of sale to prior to move-in.
Find out if the amenity spaces will be finished before you occupy your condo. Ask builders what condition the lobbies will be in at time of occupancy. And don’t forget to ask about their customer service policy for after you move in.
A direct contact person should be available to homeowners during all phases of construction and will help them feel connected. It is a long relationship from the start of a purchase to when homeowners are handed the keys, particularly in the case of high-rise condominiums. A positive customer experience will lead to additional referrals for a reputable builder. Referrals are critical to building business and sustaining the builders’ brand in a very competitive market.
Tarion Warranty Corporation has established benchmarks for customer service standards and awards for the residential construction industry in Ontario.
There are specific minimum service response time-frames outlined by Tarion for builders to address any deficiencies in a new home after occupancy. Reputable builders go above and beyond these benchmarks and a company’s reputation is built on a foundation of quality in all aspects of the industry.
Sourcing only the highest quality materials, providing superior workmanship or standing by each home and condominium not only offers customers the best product available, it can also help the builder win awards for surpassing industry standards — a key for earning a high level of public trust.
Customers’ expectations have changed over the years and builders can find it a significant challenge in meeting all the expectations of their purchasers. A goodbuilder will make sure there is constant information available through various media, such as websites or newsletters, to educate and inform their purchasers

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