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Monday, May 13, 2013

Condo Security: Budget builders usually skimp on security matters

“Beware of the budget builder. These folks cut corners and one area that almost always makes the cut list is building security. Legally, the builder hasn’t done anything wrong; after all, he did abide by the building code. Builders only need to satisfy the city’s building inspectors to get a pass on their report card. Unfortunately, upgrading existing security has become accepted by new condominium owners in order to keep their building safe from intruders. So how many more consumers are going to be hit with the budget builder’s bills? The answer lies in the hands of the building commission who sets the building codes. These professionals need to educate themselves on the importance of good home security. Revamping the building security codes will not only benefit the consumer, but enhance sales for the builder.” Toronto condos
Security is an important feature when looking for a condo. Be vigilant in knowing whether your building offers a 24 hour monitored security guard or if your last line of defense is the front door.

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