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Monday, May 13, 2013

City of mass construction: Toronto’s unstoppable condos show no signs of slowing down

The Toronto condominium market is out of this world. Currently there is no better place in the world where all this activity is happening. Specializing in the sale of Toronto Condos, I can tell you, we have a large immigration of people coming to Toronto every year. We have a diverse economy that can support a reasonably affluent lifestyle. And we a have a very stable Canadian economy. Everyone is recognizing how great Canada is, and Toronto is the centre of Canada. My enthusiasm is echoed by those who analyze the Toronto condo market and those who build it up. According to Urbanation, number crunchers in the development industry, 16,000 new Toronto condo units are expected to come to the Toronto area. 5,500 will be in the downtown core alone.
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