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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Top Six ways to extend your ceiling heights!

Here are six ideas to help you achieve visually higher ceilings in your new condo:
1. Extend your kitchen cabinetry and backsplash to the ceiling wherever possible. Kitchen cabinets that meet the ceiling draw the eye upward, and that’s the goal throughout your entire apartment. If you can, use the same material on the backsplash as the countertop (so there’s no visual break), and also extend it to the ceiling behind the stove area and kitchen sink (if those areas don’t have cabinetry above them)
2. Run the bathroom tiles in your shower and surrounding your bathtub (or even behind the vanity) vertically to the ceiling to visually lengthen the lines of the room. Keep materials simple, streamlined and light in colour.
3. Don’t use chandeliers. On low ceilings, chandeliers draw the eye downward, not up. There are loads of ceiling-mounted fixtures that provide visual interest and draw the eye up. Also, wall sconces placed two-thirds up the wall from the floor is another roof-raising idea, as it makes the light shines up. 
4. Hang draperies or sheers as close to the ceiling as possible, using drapery track or a narrow drapery pole. If you prefer the look of a pole, forgo rings for a traverse system allowing the pleats of the fabric to glide beneath the rod. If, however, your renovation involves ceiling work, I suggest taking advantage of this opportunity to recess drapery tracks into your ceilings for the ultimate in visually extending room height. In the room pictured above, ripple-fold sheers hang from a track attached to the ceiling, allowing the fabric to work its visual magic.
5. Vertical stripes visually heighten low ceilings. Whether you paint them on your wall or achieve the effect with wallpaper, choosing light tone-on-tone stripes rather than dark will work to maximum effect. I’m not suggesting you stripe your entire condo, but your bedroom or powder room could benefit from the treatment.
6. For your ceiling paint, use your wall colour lightened by 50%, so that the transition from walls to ceiling is not high contrast. Again, be sure to use light tones.
These suggestion will help you feel you’re living with 10-foot ceilings! 
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Source: The National Post

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