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Monday, May 11, 2015

7 Sneaky Solutions for Small Outdoor Space

While large backyards are certainly dreamy, small outdoor spaces are often the reality, yet equally able to provide a place to entertain, relax and frolic in the sun (or shade if you prefer). Take these tips and a healthy dose of inspiration from seven tiny backyards that demonstrate myriad ways to maximize your time outdoors.
Built-ins:  A wood banquette that keeps to the sides of the small outdoor area. Benches that tuck under tables, are also good options.

Outdoor Vertical Garden: This newly revamped space, takes advantage of vertical space with a green wall.

High Fences: There something about  tall dark walls that make her backyard feel cozier and more private. It’s counter-intuitive for an outdoor space but it works.
Flexible Furniture: A fire pit with a wooden lid, which lets it serve two functions in one piece.

Fold Down Features:  This wall-mounted shelf, which can be folded down when not in use. The same idea works for benches and tables.

Reflective Surfaces: Just as they work indoors, mirrors spread around the light and make spaces feel larger than real life. 

Smaller Substitutes: Even if you don't have tons of room for a full garden, huge water feature, or an outdoor fireplace, you can still have a small fire pit or container plants.
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Source: Apartment Therapy 

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